The Realm of Meditation

meditation leads to inner flowering of consciousness


The word Taoshobuddha comes from three words, ‘tao,’ ‘sho,’ and ‘Buddha’. The word Tao was coined by the Chinese master, Lau Tzu. It means that which is and cannot be put into words. It is unknown and unknowable. It can only be experienced and not expressed in words. Its magnanimity cannot be condensed into finiteness. The word Sho implies, that which is vast like the sky and deep like an ocean and carries within its womb a treasure as ‘Bliss’. It also means one on whom the existence showers its blessings. And lastly the word Buddha implies the Enlightened One; one who has arrived home and whose consciousness that is not clouded by thoughts, emotions, and sentiments together or individual!  

Thus, Taoshobuddha implies one who is existential, on whom the existence showers its blessings and one who has arrived home. The Enlightened One!










On the threshold of immortal time
I stand facing the eternal dawn
The twilight is o’er
and the first rays appear
in the yonder horizon.
A beacon to those whose seek the solace
Of immaculate peace and eternal bliss.
I hesitated at the door to the unknown
A lingering fear disturbs my trust.
I introspect the ultimate dissolution
And search for my ego,
only to find dissolution has happened
and the “ I” exists no more.
Who is seeking and what is to be sought?
The seeker is dissolved...
...And the sought is but an infinite naught...
Only seeking remains...
A river-ing of eternal awakening
Fore’er conscious and e’er blissful.

swami anand neelambar




Infinite is his mercy

That extends to seekers

And those that go astray

How great is his glory

That leads one to the gateless door!


Neelambar sings:

What can I know of his greatness?

How can I reach his abode?

Wherever you step that is the path

That ultimately leads to him.


Some paths lead through peaks and meadows

and filled with infinite wonder

Some paths meander through

deserts and dark valleys

and filled with infinite wonder


His hands fore’er uplift the weary hearts

Who rely on his mercy.

Beyond his boundary you cannot step

The horizon is ever elusive.


Just pause and reflect his Naam

And see his hands guide you

through the gateless door.

Infinite is his mercy

that knows no bounds.


swami anand neelambar

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